Many companies now require Animal Heal Plans as part of their auditing system.  

Have you got one sorted for your farm?

Tararua Vet Services is able to offer you the latest in animal health planning, tailored to your farm’s individual needs. This online based programme allows vets and farmers to work towards “best practice” in animal health and farm management.

The animal health plan offers the following benefits to farmers:
Animal health calander tailored to your individual needs, providing you with a comprehensive plan to follow
Multiple printed copies and different sizing, one for the office, the cowshed and the staff members
Helps to ensure things get done on time and are not forgotten
Reminder messages sent to your phone or email that a job needs to be done next week (optional)
The animal health plan is a living online document, if something changes e.g vaccinations a week later than planned the online document will automatically change the date that the booster is due.
Creates a dynamic link between your farm and veterinarian.

The animal health plan can fit every type of business, sheep/beef, deer, dairy or all of the above and every level of computer capability.

An animal health plan is easy to set up – simply email and we will get the process started. This involves a sit down consult where your farm and farming business is discussed in depth.