A: We use our observational skills in the clinical exam and add lab testing, imaging (xrays, ultrasound etc) and other diagnotic tools to gather information if required.

Q: What are the costs for a consultation for my pet?

A: A consultation with one of our clinicians costs $42.50.  Please be aware that diagnostic and/or treatment procedures and medications will be additional to this fee.  We will always offer the best course of treatment first, but we will also offer choices where applicable.

Q: What if I need afterhours emergency care? And what are the costs?

A: We have an after hours emergency service.  Our telephonist will make contact with a duty vet to ensure our pet is seen to or you are advised as to what to do to make your animal comfortable.  Our afterhours fee is an additional $57.50, or from midnight to 6am an additional $90.00

Q: Do you accept payment plans?

A: We accept payment at the time of consultation and accept payment by EFTPOS, credit card, cash and personal cheque.  We also offer a payment plan whereby you can make small  regular payments to enable you to have an emergency fund thus being prepared for unexpected veterinary expenses  when they arise.

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